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 Areas's that we teach

Loughborough, Barrow, Quorn, Hathern, Shepshed, Kegworth,LE11, LE12,

We use the most up to date method of tuition, Client Centred Learning, this helps to ensure that you reach your full potential. Everybody learns different, this means it is important that the style of learning chosen helps you learn more efficiently / quicker, therefore saving you money but also become a more competent and complete driver.

I am actively involved in the DSA’s new initiative, Client Centred Learning, good humoured and a relaxed approach to learning, making the whole process of learning to drive more enjoyable. You take more control of how you want to learn and progress, you are also encouraged to evaluate your progress throughout your lessons, this gives you a better understanding of when you will be ready for your own independence to take the driving test.



Car Driving tuition
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 She will help you with any queries.
 Office   01509 646471 

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Pupils quotes
"When the time came to learn to drive i was nervous about finding the right instructor, who i would feel comfortable learning to drive with! A friend reccommended Carl Wasilewski, and on my first lesson he immediately made me feel comfortable, and not awkward like you do when you first meet someone! He is a kind, patient person, and a good teacher, who never shouts when you have made a mistake, or even damaged his wheels, like im sure i have on several occassions! If you are looking for someone who will get you through your test, and make driving fun then Carl definately has my reccommmendation!"
*Sadie Glover - A previous learner*
Hi Carl!!
Thanks again for teaching me how to drive and put up with my terrible driving! I promise that I will try my very best on observation when I am driving. I know I actually had a problem with that, but hopefully, not anymore! Carl just makes it even more fun and enjoyable!
Thank you again Carl! I am saving up for a Discovery, but I might get a Suzuki Samurai instead tho.
Best Wishes